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5G Innovation Centres

5PRING is the UK’s first 5G commercial innovation centre. Our aim is to help organisations of all sizes harness the power of 5G to deliver growth and innovation throughout the West Midlands and beyond. Whether you are from the private or public sector, our cutting-edge facilities and expertise can help you understand 5G, its applications and how you can unlock its potential.

What is an innovation centre?

The three 5G innovation centres will comprise of centrally-located office and demonstration spaces with access to cutting-edge 5G technology, both indoors and outdoors, extending several kilometres. Leading commercial and technical support will also be on-hand for public and private sector organisations of all sizes from across the West Midlands and beyond.

By using the 5G innovation centres, businesses and public sector organisations will be able experience a live 5G network, discover the benefits that 5G can bring to their organisation and work with innovators to take advantage of 5G through new applications and services.

At least 2,000 private sector businesses and public sector organisations from across the West Midlands and beyond will be able to benefit from using the 5G innovation centres over the next five years.