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5G is the next generation of mobile network. 5G is changing the way we use devices, connectivity and data by opening up a world of exciting possibilities that will impact our day to day lives.

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What is 5G? 

5G is the next revolution in mobile technology. In the same way that 4G and smartphones have transformed the way many of us live over the last decade, 5G is set to do the same in the next decade.

The UK was the fifth country in the world to commercially launch 5G earlier this year – so we’re right at the forefront of this existing new technology – and 5G networks are starting to be rolled out in major cities, such as Birmingham where we are today.

The exciting new features of 5G mean that it has the potential to transform businesses and public services as well as to benefit consumers. Here in the West Midlands we’re testing and proving the benefits of 5G in key sectors in which we have strengths – transport, healthcare and manufacturing.

But this is just the beginning. In addition to these sectors consumers will benefit from faster speeds and new experiences such as AR/VR gaming. And we’re also exploring further opportunities in other sectors.

Why is 5G so exciting?

5G is the next revolution in mobile technology that’s starting to be rolled out in cities in the UK and other leading countries. It is evident that mobile and broadband connectivity is now more important than ever to the way we live and work. 5G will prove fundamental to fulfilling the potential of digital connectivity and it has to be a key player in digital innovation and helping to drive the economy.

5G offers much more than faster speed – it will also enable us to connect many more devices and the ability to guarantee that data arrives without a delay.

This means that 5G offers us the potential to transform private and public sector organisations – for example in time critical areas such as emergency services, transport or manufacturing – as well as to benefit consumers with faster connectivity and new experiences – such as AR/VR gaming.

5G in 5 Days

We’re offering six young people aged 18-24 the opportunity to turn their passion for innovation into a reality by working with industry experts to  discover how 5G technology works, the benefits it brings and to explore the real world improvements it can make to our lives.

For those who want to explore 5G and understand how it is changing the way we use devices, connectivity and data this is an invaluable opportunity to gain real-world work experience, all while learning new skills, knowledge and expertise.

Successful applicants will feature in a social media series to educate the wider community on the potential of 5G across the key sectors we are working with, including transport, manufacturing, health & social care.

On top of this, participants will attend the opening and have exclusive access to the brand new 5PRING innovation centres, as well as having the opportunity to meet experts in the industries that are being accelerated by 5G.

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