5G-enabled phones and devices

5G Devices

What new features does 5G offer?

5G offers three exciting new features. First it’s much faster than 4G – typically about ten times or more faster. This means that large files such as videos can be transferred in seconds rather than minutes.

But 5G offers much more than faster speed. 5G also enables many more devices to be connected (up to 1 million devices per sq. km compared to 61k for 4G i.e. 17 times more). This is increasingly important as everything in our lives becomes connected to the so-called internet of things – for example, cars, clothes, buildings etc.

In addition, 5G enables people to guarantee that data is transmitted and received with virtually no delay (so-called low latency) which means that 5G can support all sorts of time critical services and applications.

A revolution in app development

A market full of 5G phones is likely to accelerate the development of applications that take advantage of fifth-generation mobile technology. With 5G chips now the industry-standard for flagship smartphones across both iOS and Android, 5G-enabled features will become available to more people as consumers begin to upgrade.

Apps like Uber and Deliveroo will instantly be enhanced by 5G’s real-time, superfast speeds, while the technology’s increased capacity and low latency could also bring about app ideas that haven’t been thought of yet – or even made possible.

Can I get a 5G phone? 

As 5G begins to be rolled out across the UK, operators are beginning to release 5G-enabled phones on contract. The following operators are now offering 5G phone packages, which you can learn more about using the links below:

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