In-Building Connectivity Solutions

Experts in realising the benefits from connectivity by design

Experts in realising the benefits from connectivity by design

WM5G recently advised NHS Digital on the guidelines it should put in place to ensure all new NHS hospitals come with connectivity built-in by design, as part of the construction process. This consisted of detailed, written guidelines to help NHS Digital and NHS Property ensure all new hospitals come with great connectivity from day one, reducing barriers to patients and clinicians benefiting from new health technologies that will boost patient care, as well as future proofing buildings to allow easier access for upgrades down the line.

This involved specifying the requirements for ‘passive infrastructure’ for connectivity such as ducts and poles, ‘active infrastructure’ such as network hardware and cabling, and best practice planning, compensation and access arrangements.

This foresight when it comes to defining clear best practice wireless connectivity guidelines for new buildings will be crucial to the NHS’s ability to improve patient care at best value for the public purse. Not only does fast and reliable connectivity open up new, more efficient clinical and administrative approaches, but it also supports access to new clinical technologies. Planning for this at the point of construction means this can be delivered at the lowest possible cost, while providing the infrastructure to release efficiencies across the piece.

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