5PRING’s exploit programme, known as 5PRING accelerator is a 3-month program (4th Jan, 2021 to 2nd April, 2021) providing later stage start-ups the opportunity to develop innovative and ambitious 5G solutions. It offers a tailored acceleration curriculum to start-ups and give them access to 5G test-beds. 5PRING provides technical and business support to start-ups through coaches, mentors and external speakers to support start-ups in their endeavour to deliver commercially viable business or scaling plan and build prototypes that utilise 5G. The accelerator supports larger organisations in solving their challenges by adopting an open-innovation business model and enabling start-ups to deliver their 5G propositions to these challenges by providing a direct route to market. 5PRING also gives start-ups the opportunity to raise investment by facilitating pitch slam sessions with investors-in-residence and external investors.

5PRING Accelerator- Green Innovation Challenge

5PRING Accelerator has launched its Green Innovation Challenge and is inviting cutting edge technology start-ups that are working on carbon emission reduction to apply.

The 5PRING Accelerator based out of Birmingham will allow start-ups to develop innovative 5G solution, utilising the private 5G test-bed and expertise provided throughout the programme. The accelerator is looking to bring in companies that can tackle the following green innovation challenge areas:

  • Natural Capital –This challenge looks at solutions that address how different groups of people use and access green space across the UK.
  • Transport – This challenge looks at these solutions and encourage businesses to deliver more sustainable modes of transport and make a significant impact to reducing carbon emissions.
  • Energy – This challenge will look at solutions that support and accelerate the move to low carbon power systems, as well as those that support the implementation of local energy systems.
  • Built Environment – This challenge looks at solutions for providing greater energy efficiency in existing and new builds.
  • Circular Economy –The challenge looks at the issue of reducing waste and pollution through enabling and encouraging businesses to reuse and repurpose products and materials.
  • Behavioural Change – This challenge looks at solutions that make it easy to alter behaviours to be more environmentally conscious.
  • Water – This challenge looks at solutions that help businesses use less water.

Applications are open until 13th November 2020 and you can find more information about the program here.