5PRING Explore is an idea incubation programme that helps organisations come up with commercially viable 5G enabled products and services. The programme allows organisations with business challenges to come together with entrepreneurs and innovators to create new 5G enabled solutions that have the potential to solve their challenges.

The incubator builds on the core level of 5G understanding gained through the engage programme to provide participants with the tools to create a technical plan and 5G roadmap. In addition, participants get expert business support on how to create a customer centric solution and business plan as well as how to pitch to potential customers. The incubator culminates in a Demo Day where the entrepreneurs and innovators are able to pitch their solutions back to the challenge owner in a dragon den style event to gain proof of concepts and support in taking their solutions forward.

5PRING Incubator – 5G for Transport

5PRING is running an incubation programme for early stage start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs to create solutions to three transport challenges.

  1. Green transport – How can 5G support in allowing transport providers more accurate data around the conditions of their vehicles and the environment they operate?
  2. Fleet Management – How can 5G support contractors and local government to monitor the condition of, and maintain, local road networks?
  3. Micro mobility – How can 5G support the demonstration of safety, efficiency and ease of access within micro-mobility sector?

The event

5PRING has launched its transport focused 2-week incubator program, which will run from 23rd November to 4th December 2020. The program is designed to bring top talent and start-ups together to incubate solutions for problems around micro-mobility, green transport and fleet management. Participants will get the opportunity to pitch their solutions at the end of the program and the top ideas will have the opportunity to progress to our competitive 5PRING accelerator program.

Registrations are now open with limited space available:

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