5PRING’s Manufacturing Challenge has been featured in Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine. The manufacturing-themed accelerator programme sees leading infrastructure provider BAM Nuttall and aerospace manufacturer AE Aerospace collaborating with 5PRING to set a series of challenges for innovative start-ups and SMEs to solve using 5G.

5PRING’s Manufacturing Challenge comprises part of a series of ongoing challenges seeking 5G-enabled solutions to real-world problems that will shape the UK’s manufacturing and construction sector’s future.

Ian Bouquet-Taylor, Operations Director at AE Aerospace commented that “Through this challenge, 5PRING will allow us to identify and test cutting-edge solutions in remote operations, site surveillance and so much more to boost efficiencies while ensuring the safety and efficiency of our working environments. We look forward to supporting organisations on their 5G journey much like our own, sharing best practices and learnings for industry-wide adoption.”

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