About this Event

Thu, 15 Apr 2021, 16:00 

The 5PRING Summer Showcase is a jam-packed event with keynotes on innovation from world-leaders and star-studded panels diving into the breakthroughs in 5G & Green Innovation.

We will be rolling out the red carpet for our 2021 5PRING Founders and Entrepreneurs!

5PRING is an open-innovation accelerator that delivers 5G ideation, incubation and acceleration programmes for businesses to support them on their 5G journey from initial engagement to adoption.

The open-innovation design of our programmes gives an unparalleled opportunity for collaboration and knowledge flow across a broad spectrum of different stakeholder groups. Our open-innovation platform is designed to bring organisations with specific industry challenges together with start-ups and scale-ups, to incubate and accelerate commercially viable solutions to these challenges by leveraging 5G technology.

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