WM5G Application Accelerator project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Midlands Engine

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The unique advantages of 5G in further automating the factory floor and incorporating new services into all kinds of products will make it a must-have in the post-COVID-19 era. Yet deploying these technologies in what looks to be a challenging economic environment will require a different mindset — one that fully takes into account the key role of technology in unlocking value.

That’s why 5PRING have brought this virtual two-day information packed event on 5G’s possibilities across different industries, so you can discover the innovation opportunities 5G could have in your organisation with the insight from innovators in the space.

WM5G will be leading day-two of the event with a focus on the manufacturing sector with keynote speakers from across the organisation including:

Lesley Holt, WM5G Accelerator and Communications Director

Riccardo Weber, WM5G Manufacturing Project Lead

Ben Turner, WM5G Engagement Manager

Kevin Hegarty, WM5G Application Accelerator Lead

You’ll hear from WM5G industry experts, sector investors and founders that have successfully applied 5G to their business. You’ll also be able to witness the top 11 solutions in the 5PRING Manufacturing Accelerator at the Virtual Manufacturing Accelerator Demo Event.

To sign-up to this exciting two-day event, please click here.