Adrian Smith, our Health & Social Care Lead, will be representing WM5G at a 2 day virtual workshop focusing on the role of 5G in Digital Healthcare.

The workshop, titled “the role of 5G in Digital Healthcare and how to engage in the latest UK 5G initiatives”, is being organised by UK5G and will be looking in more detail at the role of 5G in the rapidly developing digital health industry.

Looking at the worldwide digital health market, which will hit £384bn in the next 5 years (which is almost equivalent to the entire global smartphone market) the workshop will explore the increasing need to deal with health issues remotely, especially in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

The workshop is a timely event; the NHS’s Long Term Plan is almost entirely underpinned by the rise and adoption of digital services. With the use of tele-health set to triple by 2025 (fuelled largely by 5G) services such as the NHS’ GP at Hand, which offer video appointments over the phone, underpin the need for discussions today around the role 5G will play in Digital Healthcare.

Organisations like the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) and BT have demonstrated scenarios where 5G technology could provide solutions for the healthcare sector and projects, such as the Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care’s digital pharmacy partner, PAMAN, allowing pharmacists to observe patients taking their medications remotely via video/audio link.

Another announcement that contextually underpins the workshop is the NHS unveiling a new, 5G-powered, Covid-19 testing unit, which will be trialled in six Scottish care homes during a three-month period, before potentially being deployed across the whole country.

The two-session online event will explore the features of 5G that provide a new route to transforming healthcare and ask the question, why is 5G different from its predecessors?

The event will then consider how 5G is already transforming a range of care pathways and what the benefits, challenges and opportunities are in the immediate and medium-term future.

If your organisation wants to take part in this exciting, growth market then this is for you – healthcare opportunities won’t be going away, they will only continue to grow. You can register for the event here.

The sessions will be broken down as follows:

1. What is 5G and its role in the health sector and panel session

This session will explore 5G and its role in the health sector, followed by a panel session with experts.

2. Existing UK 5G initiatives and how to engage

This session will present existing UK 5G initiatives, how to engage with them and what future opportunities they offer.

This event is for anyone interested in finding out more about what 5G means and what its role will be in the rapidly advancing digital health sector, whether from the public sector, SMEs or larger organisations.

It is a unique opportunity to hear from experts already working on advanced 5G programmes in the UK, including our own Adrian Smith, and to find out how you can engage, whether to increase commercial opportunities for your organisation or to understand better the immense social and health benefits that could be provided by 5G digital services.