West Midlands 5G is looking for six youngsters, aged 18-24, to take part in 5G in 5 Days – the testbed’s new youth engagement programme.

There is no place more pertinent than the West Midlands for forward thinking young people to grasp such an opportunity, as the region continues to reinforce its status as a hotbed for 5G innovation across Europe and is the best-connected region for 5G in the UK.

Up to six successful applicants will get to work alongside industry experts, gain invaluable experience and raise their personal profiles within the region as they discover everything that 5G technology has to offer.

Andy Street, the Mayor of the West Midlands, said: “This initiative is tremendously exciting, some of our magnificent young people – whether they’re at school, college, university or in industry already – are now in a unique position where they can work with WM5G as part of its 5G in 5 Days programme to shape the future of 5G for the West Midlands and beyond.

“Any 18-24-year-old with a passion for digital technology and its potential to change how we work, live and play will be itching to get involved – I’m sure of it – and I, along with WM5G, eagerly anticipate the 5G solutions our next generation of people could unlock.”

The 5G in 5 Days programme – which will take place in April over the Easter break – provides an opportunity for budding youngsters to discover how 5G technology works, the benefits it can deliver and the real-world improvements it can make to our everyday lives.

Encouraged to bring personal interests and ideas to the table, successful applicants will identify new ways in which this cutting-edge technology can improve our lives, while their whole experience will be captured as a video series to be featured in promotional activity led by WM5G.

Robert Franks, Managing Director at West Midlands 5G, added: “Our programme of activity to-date has already driven heightened awareness among our key stakeholder and B2B audiences. What’s important for us with 5G in 5 Days is to build on that and strengthen our citizens’ understanding of exactly what can be made possible with the support of 5G.

“The West Midlands is supported by a network of excellent universities, schools and colleges, with many bright young people already working hard across the transport, healthcare and manufacturing sectors. This, really, is an opportunity for them to bring their ideas to life and utilise 5G technology to improve the lives of those within their communities.”

Applications for this programme are now open and close on 12 February 2021.

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