These are extraordinary times and extremely challenging for us all – but rest assured, the telecoms sector is doing everything it can to ensure the UK remains connected.

In our role as an accelerator of 5G technology across the West Midlands, we wanted to let you know what we’re doing to help keep the region connected.

Serving our Local Authorities

WM5G has been supporting all seven of the region’s local authorities in their responses to the outbreak of COVID-19.

We are continuing to provide much-needed guidance and industry expertise to help with an influx of enquiries, ensuring we remain on-hand and easy to engage with throughout.

Supporting key workers

The Government has reiterated that telecoms engineers are key workers and part of a critical business sector.

Work to maintain existing telecommunications – as well as the acceleration of new infrastructure – must go on to ensure we continue to have access to reliable connectivity; something that so many of us are relying on during these unprecedented times.

Showcasing the benefits of 5G

WM5G’s core purpose remains to illustrate the endless possibilities that 5G presents and we will continue to accelerate these benefits through our programme of activity.

We encourage you to maintain a watchful eye and learn more about the projects we’re undertaking that will transform the healthcare, manufacturing, and transport sectors across the region.

We are working harder than ever to ensure that 5G makes a real and positive difference to the people, businesses and public sector in the West Midlands.