Chair of the WM5G board, Mark Stansfeld, will be speaking at an online event focused on 5G and how technological advancements will shape the future of running a business.

Hosted by Insider Media, 5G and the Superconnected City is an online forum set to be hosted on the 17th November at 11AM.

With the Covid-19 crisis underlining just how powerful technology has become in the running of a business, the talk will discuss how much further the digital revolution can take us.

Mobile communications, Zoom, Teams and other platforms have allowed businesses to survive, and even thrive, during lockdown and the key question is, how much further can technology take us? And how big a difference will 5G make to our businesses as our cities become more digitally connected?

In a special breakfast, Insider will guide you around the super-connected city. Bringing together a panel of experts, including our Chair, the forum will look at how the digital revolution is creating a world of autonomous vehicles, intelligent buildings, drone deliveries, robot surgeons and thinking machines that communicate with each other.

The online event will look at the emerging technologies such as machine learning, big data, 5G, the internet of things and mass customisation, and how they will work together to change your world.

Missed this event? You can watch the event recording here