We are delighted to announce that Fine Energy’s Osmium service is a finalist in the 2021 Digital Catapult awards, 17 November 2021. Osmium brings the Internet of Things to otherwise unconnected industrial installations, giving engineers direct, real-time control over machinery wherever they are – whether at the other end of a production plant or on the other side of the world. Highly versatile, Osmium can be programmed remotely to do almost everything an on-site engineer could do, while allowing existing control technology to continue to do its job.  As a result, downtime is minimised, costs are reduced, and equipment life is extended.

Osmium is a finalist in the ‘From Idea to Reality’ category. Developed in 2018 to monitor wind turbines, Osmium has now evolved into a solution that may be used with any installation that lacks internet connectivity, irrespective of industry sector. It can work non-intrusively alongside existing control systems, enhancing existing capabilities with the provision of additional data capture and improved reporting. In June 2021, Osmium’s use of 5G to facilitate the monitoring of wind turbines was recognised by the Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street. More recent applications include the food processing and hydraulics sectors.

Osmium has benefitted from the support of Digital Catapult, WM5G and the 5PRING Accelerator programme. With 5PRING, Osmium was successfully tested over 5G protocols currently available in the UK. As a result, Osmium may now be used with all available network technologies and private wireless/5G networks, giving engineers direct control over installations, wherever they are.