Robert Franks, Managing Director at West Midlands 5G has been featured in the latest instalment of MobileUK’s #Talking5G Series.

Roberts’s contribution to the #Talking5G series explores the importance of bringing 5G connectivity to the West Midlands and the role WM5G fulfills in working with mobile operators and others to bring 5G to the region.

Robert describes 5G’s potential to create economic and social growth within the West Midlands. He explains how the low latency speeds (the speed at which data reaches devices) of 5G, offers huge potential for industrial, business to consumer, government and consumer needs.

Referencing the heritage of the West Midlands region as the “heartland of the UK’s industrial revolution” Robert discusses the substantial amount of economic growth and activity coming from sectors such as manufacturing.

He further explains how 5G can revolutionise these sectors as part of Industry 4.0. The term ‘Industry 4.0’ refers to a new phase in the contemporary industrial revolution that focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data. Robert expresses that sectors such as transport, healthcare, and the creative industries will all benefit from these 5G-enabled possibilities.

Watch the full video below and see the full feature here.