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Transport competition winner: Passenger Management

GoMedia, Wordnerds and Icomera

A fundamental issue on the UK public transport network is that transport company staff don’t necessarily know how customers using their services are feeling regarding their journey. This can range from a relatively small issue such as temperature in the cabin, to a concern over anti-social behaviour. Issues such as these can be difficult to report depending on availability of staff or the circumstances of the situation.

Many problems have been exacerbated by Covid-19; the need of passengers to socially distance and feel safe on a train or tram is paramount in getting the transport systems in the UK back to operating at full capacity. 

Studies conducted during lockdown in the UK suggested that 30% of people wouldn’t be happy to travel by public transport until social distancing is in place and even without the added pressures of the pandemic,  statistics show that “more than half of women in London are victims of sexual abuse on Tube, trains and buses”.  

Disabled passengers can also face significant difficulties using public transport with 66% having experienced a problem during their journey. 

If not dealt with correctly, many of these issues will manifest as customer complaints which cost money and erode hard-won trust.

This is where ‘Passenger Management’ by Wordnerds and GoMedia aims to solve some of these issues. They aim to solve these issues by asking the following question: What could a public transport operator achieve with traveller experience, if they knew how every passenger was feeling?

Their 5G-enabled reporting process will help to ensure that people feel safe when using public transport in the West Midlands. Passengers can notify Transport for West Midlands and service operators in real time, with urgent notifications sent immediately to onboard staff and the Regional Transport Coordination Centre (RTCC).

Utilising integrated 5G removes the need for passengers to use their own mobile data plans, while also making use of the lower latency, increased bandwidth and greater speeds that 5G provides. This will allow the instant transfer of issues, from the passengers to the people that need to know.

The project will initially run for 12 months from September 2020 with the aim to have up to five trams equipped with a 5G router within the first 18 weeks.

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