Today (16th June 2020), UK5G launched the 5G Suppliers Directory, created to harness efficiencies in building effective 5G innovation trials within the UK.

Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), working through UK5G, recognises that many organisations considering an application-orientated trial can be confused by the complexity of the technology supply chain, and indeed may not need to build a specific network testbed but could share access to an existing one. Equally, many vendors and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are being asked to provide similar services against multiple projects.

A 5G Directory provides a potential solution by encouraging and supporting 5G testbeds and trials through a shared model. Trial projects simply subscribe to a 5G service provided by one or more suppliers. Supplier involvement in many potential innovation projects ranges from being an active and fully-fledged consortium member (for which often match funding applies) through to being an arms-length commercial supplier of goods or services.

“I’m delighted that the pre-launch call for suppliers was so well received. The public directory will be ‘switched on’ and launched during the final 5G Create Competition Countdown Event this afternoon. We want to provide a simple method so suppliers can publicise their offer to potential 5G trialists. The overall aim is to increase efficiency in building effective 5G trials and use cases within the UK”
Robert Driver – Head of UK5G.

“We are very excited to see this initiative from UK5G. This will be a key resource for new and existing projects and trials to encourage collaboration and investment in 5G, utilising, reusing and building on the components we have collectively made to deliver global value. It will help join up the extensive learning and research gained across the UKs thriving 5G testbed ecosystem, creating a coherent and solid platform for economic and societal growth.”

Ian Smith – 5G Testbeds & Trials Programme Director, DCMS

Today marks the eight week countdown until the 5​G Create Competition​ closes. Up to £30m is available via this open competition to explore and develop new use-cases and sustainable business models for 5G applications and services. 5G Create is open to all sectors, including: Creative Industries, Utilities (Energy and water), Health and Social Care and Logistics.

A number of suppliers have already joined the Directory. If you would like to publicise your product or service to potential 5G trialists, you are encouraged to s​ubmit your application​. All submissions will normally be reviewed and published on the directory within a working day.

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For more information please contact the team via email: ​