Westminster Forum Projects is due to run an eForum seminar event on the 10th December to discuss the progress of delivering 5G in the UK.

The online seminar will look to cover lessons around delivering 5G in the UK so far, as well as market development, supply chain diversification, innovation, partnerships, infrastructure, and overall 5G coverage.

Westminster Forum Projects’s conference will examine priorities for the rollout and adoption of 5G in the UK – including the implementation of the 5G Supply Chain Diversification strategy, improving coverage, the future of regulation and innovation, and the next steps for research and development.

The seminar will be an opportunity for speakers and delegates to consider progress in working towards the Government’s ambition for the majority of the population to have access to 5G by 2027, and coordination with wider policy ambitions for reducing digital inequalities for individuals, communities, and within regional economies.

Delegates will also consider recent developments around innovation, such as the adoption of Open RAN and Ofcom’s Supporting the UK’s Wireless Future strategy.

Keynote contributions on the day of the online seminar will come from: Robert Driver, Head, UK5G; Dr Michael Short, Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for International Trade; Ian Smith, Programme Director, 5G Testbeds and Trials, DCMS; and Regius Professor Rahim Tafazolli, Director and Founder, Institute of Communication Systems and 5G Innovation Centre, University of Surrey.

Sessions in the agenda include:

  • Delivering 5G in the UK – progress, priorities for policy and stakeholders, and learning from the 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme
  • Supporting UK development and innovation
  • The 5G Supply Chain Diversification Strategy – Open RAN adoption, resilience and security, and accessibility to the supply chain for new entrants
  • Facilitating R&D, fostering innovation, and developing industry partnerships
  • International uptake of 5G and the potential for growth and collaboration for the UK
  • Infrastructure development and broadening coverage – tackling the key challenges for rolling out 5G across the UK and enhancing consumer experience

More information and registration details can be found on the Westminster Forum Projects website, here.