Riccardo Weber, Project Manager for Manufacturing at WM5G, and Ian Bouquet-Taylor, Operations Director at AE Aerospace were recently invited to join a cohort of leading experts for a session on Manufacturing Management Live Panel to discuss how manufacturers can benefit from 5G communications.


The session outlined how 5G communications technology will impact and shape the future of manufacturing for the better. The panel explored 5G mobile technology’s potential to facilitate more autonomous reactions for supply and demand production lines; offer more immersive experiences within office settings; and introduce new creative ways to engage shop floor staff and bring remote teams together, all thanks to 5Gs flexibility, efficiency, and responsiveness.


This feature builds on WM5G and AE Aerospace’s features in a recent piece in Raconteur that explored how businesses can prepare to be 5G ready.


The 5G use cases currently being undertaken by AE Aerospace, in partnership with WM5G, are part of plans to double the SME’s turnover across the next three years.


Watch the panel session to learn about how 5G technologies can be deployed to improve efficiency across the manufacturing industry, how cloud communications and 5G are accessible for the manufacturing industry and the benefits of 5G technology for individual employees.