Riccardo Weber recently added commentary to C2S’s feature The Future of 5G Technology in Manufacturing, highlighting how the  Manufacturing Technolgy Centre and AE Aerospace are leading the way in the 5G manufacturing revolution through  their partnership with WM5G.

Riccardo commented: “Alongside delivery of the UK’s first region-wide 5G test bed, we have developed significant specific understanding of the applications and benefits of 5G technology to manufacturers’ operations.  Through our partnerships with AE Aerospace and the MTC, we have been able to put in place use cases that have demonstrated how interconnection of machinery and devices across the factory floor can assist in boosting productivity, and how 5G-enabled devices can consistently ensure the very highest level of product specification.”

A first-of-its-kind Nokia 5G Stand Alone private network has been installed at the MTC’s manufacturing research facility at Ansty Park, Coventry. The 5G connected facility will allow manufacturers to explore benefits from multi-edge computing and wireless connectivity in digital manufacturing and robotics. A live 5G-connected robotics demonstrator will give companies an insight into how 5G can boost their productivity through connected digital innovation.

A recent study by Nokia and ABI Research found that 74% of manufacturing leaders are considering upgrading their communications networks by 2022. It’s clear that 5G  has a leading role to play, and projects are already underway to explore how this ground-breaking technology can benefit the manufacturing industry.

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