West Midlands 5G has been featured in a new report from Cornerstone, looking at the importance of local authority collaboration to deliver mobile connectivity.

The report aims to recognise the benefits of digital connectivity for local authorities and regional combined authorities such as the West Midlands.

According to the report, “delivering reliable mobile services across the UK by telecom operators requires the effective deployment of mobile infrastructure. As the UK’s leading mobile infrastructure services company, Cornerstone works with landowners, institutions, and public
authorities to place mobile equipment on rooftops, greenfield sites and street-works.”

“Preparing for the next generation of mobile technology is at the forefront of telecom operators’ and the government’s agenda. Recognising how it will improve businesses and individuals’ daily lives, Cornerstone is working collaboratively with the different government bodies and local authorities to ensure that we are all supporting each other and sharing best practices for deploying 5G in the UK.”

Read the report here.