West Midlands 5G’s Director of Infrastructure Acceleration, Rhys Enfield has been featured in the Government and Public Sector Journal, commenting on how 5G is helping to support economic recovery post COVID-19.

It is clear that the post pandemic economic recovery will be dependent on ensuring that the UK’s regions have access to the digital infrastructure on which to build future requirements.

This is where our teams at West Midlands 5G can support. Since 2018, WM5G has been exploring how to expedite the rollout and uptake of 5G technology across the region.

Our dedicated Infrastructure Acceleration (IA) team has been making significant strides in this area, connecting mobile network operators (MNOs) with councils and local authorities.

As part of WM5G, we have access to specialist knowledge and information to guide and advise councils, demonstrating the value that 5G can have on their residents and communities. The approach has been exceedingly successful, with many councils rolling out 5G 6 – 12 months ahead of schedule and helping to create the most connected region in the UK.

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