Riccardo Weber, WM5G’s Manufacturing Project Manager has contributed a case study on Empowering Manufacturing through 5G for Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine.

The fifth generation of mobile data, 5G, offers truly transformational opportunities for businesses. While undoubtedly faster than its 4G predecessor, 5G also brings with it greater capacity, built-in security, and lower latency. This allows for a safe simultaneous connection of thousands of 5G enabled devices and the rapid, secure, and confidential transfer of huge amounts of protected data.

Manufacturing is a critical industry for the UK economy, accounting for £191billion of UK output and providing over 2.7 million jobs. The West Midlands sits at the heart of the sector, contributing over £22billion output, equating to 16% of the regions output overall. Improving efficiency is important for all manufacturers to reduce waste and increase capacity.

The adoption of digital technology in production facilities will result in significant manufacturing productivity improvements, with an anticipated increase in output of up to 35% by 2030.

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