5G Application Accelerator

Many of the digital services we have benefited from over the last decade have been developed by small businesses, so-called “start-ups” and “scale-ups.”

Accelerators are organisations that work with start-up and scale-up businesses to help them be more successful in getting up and running. By providing access to expertise, facilities, investment and other capabilities, accelerators help SMEs successfully navigate the so-called “Valley of Death,” where businesses need to prove their idea before running out of money.

WM5G is finding a partner, or partners, to build the UK’s first 5G Application Accelerator in one or more locations.

The new facility will be open to organisations of all kinds to visit, experience 5G and understand the benefits it can deliver. In addition, the 5G Application Accelerator will support scale-up businesses to develop and prove exciting new 5G services – using a real-world 5G network and software platform.

To find out how to get involved please email us

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