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Many of the digital services we have benefited from over the last decade have been developed by small businesses, so-called “start-ups” and “scale-ups.”

Innovation centres are organisations that work with start-up and scale-up businesses to help them be more successful in getting up and running.

5PRING has launched the UK’s first 5G commercial innovation centres. With facilities located in Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton, we aim to help organisations of all sizes unlock 5G’s full potential.

5PRING is designed specifically to attract businesses and entrepreneurs to solve major problems and create opportunities that can be commercially scaled, when proven.  At least 1,900 private sector businesses and public sector organisations from across the West Midlands and beyond will be able to benefit from using the 5G innovation centres over the next five years.

5PRING is open to business and public sector organisations to immerse themselves, experience a live 5G network and work with innovators to take advantage of how the next generation of mobile access to the internet can unlock new applications and services. challenge

To register your interest to get involved with 5PRING please click here, or contact WM5G here.

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We invite you to engage with us to build a core understanding of how 5G can benefit your business and customers. We can help identify new and future possibilities and identify the next steps for getting there.

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For those familiar with 5G or with a specific idea in mind, we can help you explore those further and look at how 5G can address your specific needs and challenges. This could be through, building a business case, developing technical plans or identifying possible trials.

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Once an organisation has a good grasp of 5G and the way it can innovate and transform, then it’s time to put the ideas to the test in real environments. That's where Exploit comes in.

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To give more businesses the opportunity to engage, explore and exploit 5G we encourage organisations, authorities and enterprise partnerships to get involved. Collaboration through partnerships or sponsorships will enable the benefits of 5G to be achieved sooner.

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Innovation Centres (powered by 5PRING) News & Events

5PRING Q&A – Ask me anything 5G

5PRING Q&A – Ask me anything 5G

On 3rd September 2020, 5PRING is opening up the floor with a 5G Q&A - Ask Me Anything session with panellists from UK5G and WM5G, plus a very special guest. The panel will answer attendee's questions on all things 5G. Read More >

5PRING X WM5G | The Future of Transport Event

5PRING X WM5G | The Future of Transport Event

A new future is on the horizon. 5G will unlock step changes intransport and manufacturing sectors in ways previously thought unfathomable. From September 8th - September 9th, 5PRING and West Midlands 5G (WM5G) are delievering a two-day event. Read More >

5PRING Panel – Manufacturing Series

5PRING Panel – Manufacturing Series

5PRING is holding a panel session on how organisations in the manufacturing sector can explore innovation with the power of 5G. Panellists will also dive into the value of 5G for businesses in the sector and what they should be doing to be 5G ready. Read More >

What is an innovation centre?

The three 5G innovation centres will comprise of centrally-located office and demonstration spaces with access to cutting-edge 5G technology, both indoors and outdoors, extending several kilometres. Leading commercial and technical support will also be on-hand for public and private sector organisations of all sizes from across the West Midlands and beyond.

By using the 5G innovation centres, businesses and public sector organisations will be able experience a live 5G network, discover the benefits that 5G can bring to their organisation and work with innovators to take advantage of 5G through new applications and services.

At least 2,000 private sector businesses and public sector organisations from across the West Midlands and beyond will be able to benefit from using the 5G innovation centres over the next five years.


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