Once an organisation has a good grasp of 5G and the way it can innovate and transform, then it’s time to put the ideas to the test in real environments.

We provide expert technical and business support to deliver trials, use cases, proof of concept and prototypes, to help you develop new products and services utilising 5G.

Accelerate is a three month programme, giving participants the opportunity to develop innovative and ambitious 5G solutions. We offer a tailored acceleration curriculum to participants, giving them access to our 5G test-beds.

The innovation centres support both larger organisations in solving their challenges by adopting an open-innovation business model, as well as enabling start-ups, SME’s etc. to deliver their 5G propositions to these challenges by providing a direct route to market.

Learn more about Accelerate here.

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Omniflow developed and patented the next generation smart pole. An advanced design that combines an hybrid technology, for renewable energy production, with energy storage and integrated smart applications.

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Greyparrot provides AI-powered computer vision software to increase transparency and automation in recycling.

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Osnium (Fine Energy)

Don't replace your industrial assets just because they are not connected to the internet. First give us an opportunity to retrofit our industrial-strength connectivity solution at a fraction of the cost by using low-cost 5G-enabled monitoring stations.

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King City

KC Tech focuses hardware and AI development in radar-based traffic monitoring sensors which ‘visualise’ instant traffic conditions including vehicles and pedestrians flow without cameras.

Read More > is an Australian technology company providing optimisation services for people packages & things, with a focus on the first and last mile.

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Electric Zoo

Electric Zoo provides an All-in-one solution for short to long term leasing of Electric Vehicles via an online digital platform where the consumer designs their own user journey based on which vehicle, how long, how many miles including Insurance, Maintenance and Charging.

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Learning to the real world problems associated with shopping for clothes online. We’re building an innovative e-commerce platform, applying computer vision and deep tech to clothing.

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Everyware is an end-to-end IOT solutions provider, leveraging proprietary sensors to monitor and track specific parameters of mission critical assets in the Healthcare, Maritime, Logistics and Distribution sectors.

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CurveBlock is a disruptive innovation in the Real Estate FinTech space improving the investment landscape by democratising access to passive income through a regulated real estate development, green initiative, digital equity fund.

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Westfield Technology Group

The world’s first pure electric SAE Level 4/5 AI Autonomous road sweeper that has a secondary job of conglomerating deliveries to houses, Universities, places of work, hospitals, shopping centres and sites.

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