Projects is an Australian technology company providing optimisation services for people packages & things, with a focus on the first and last mile. Our solutions are used in Australia, Singapore and the US. We solve complex customer optimisation problems and can provide a tailored solution for any sector.

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Inefficiency rules many businesses involved in the transportation and delivery of people, packages or things. This leads to wasted resources, missed deliveries and unhappy customers. When was the last time you ordered out and the food arrived cold? Or you’ve just arrived home to find a missed delivery that you’re unable to reschedule there and then?

As a business, do you want to minimise resources used and reduce carbon emissions? Or how about a unique pain point?


We solve complex optimisations:

To increase efficiency

At a larger scale

Custom vehicles – escooters, ebikes, AVs

Indoor/Outdoor maps

We are sector AGNOSTIC:

People, packages and things

Food delivery, logistics, containers, scheduling, buses…

There is an optimisation API that can solve a range of problems – try us today!


To date, we have powered almost 2M tasks/deliveries in the courier and food delivery space in Australia, Singapore and the US. We have a joint venture in place with a US based farm to fork company for delivery from US into China and Singapore, plus a couple of test beds in place with UK companies.

We support maps for Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, West Coast USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand and China. Our vehicle profiles include electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, escooters and other custom vehicles.

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