Electric Zoo

Electric Zoo provides an All-in-one solution for short to long term leasing of Electric Vehicles via an online digital platform where the consumer designs their own user journey based on which vehicle, how long, how many miles including Insurance, Maintenance and Charging. Our solution helps you Go Electric The Easy Way.

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The problem that we are trying to resolve is changing the market from the traditional Ownership model of a vehicle to a more flexible and cost-efficient Usership model whether as an Individual or as a Fleet Operator, It takes too long It’s overly complex, The products that I want do not exist And I have no control over the price which goes up every year


Electric Zoo offers a fully flexible electric vehicle leasing solution including insurance, maintenance, recovery, charging facilities. This is available for all types of electric vehicles

It is a simple three-click process, choose the vehicle, choose the period of the lease, and make the initial monthly payment

This allows the adoption of a flexible ‘usership approach to vehicle management which minimises the environmental impact and reduces cost

Traction Since Inception 2018

Short term we have proven out the technology, the service proposition, the business viability

We continue to develop our information and knowledge based on real time data capture

We have pivoted as a result of initial market development, the impact of our proposition, the changes in market regulation and the actual demand from the EV markets

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