Greyparrot provides AI-powered computer vision software to increase transparency and automation in recycling. The waste management industry as a whole (worth $530 Billion by 2025) is going through a massive shift due to increasing regulation, export bans and consumer pressures. The spotlight is now on the waste management industry to help close the loop and tackle climate change. We are team of AI experts with an entrepreneurial background. Our goal is to unlock the financial value of waste and in turn, keep our planet clean.

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The world produces over 2 B tons of solid waste per year, of which 60% goes to uncontrolled landfill and open dumps and only 14% is recycled – this results in major negative environmental impact. At the core of this process are MRFs (material recovery facilities) – they are inefficient at identifying and separating materials to the level required for recycling. Combined with mounting pressure on producers to improve product recycling rates, there is an opportunity to use data and insight to make a step-change in creating a more circular economy. We firmly believe that what isn’t measured can’t be optimised.


Greyparrot automates waste composition analysis using AI-powered computer vision software. Our first product is an “Automated Waste Monitoring System” , currently deployed on moving conveyor belts in recycling facilities to analyse large waste flows of mixed recyclables – plastics. fibre, alloys. This provides waste analytics and new insights previously unavailable to waste managers, producers and regulators. Waste composition information is key to help facilities increase recycling/recovery rates, give quality guarantee to buyers, mitigate against risks, and understand the carbon footprint of products.

Traction since our inception in 2019

  1. Commercial pilots in UK, Japan, S.Korea, Italy with large waste management companies
  2. Further extending software capabilities with trials in waste to energy, chemical recycling
  3. Raised $3.5m seed round led by leading European VCs in 2020
  4. Secured $650k Gov. grant for hardware integrations and $400k grant for brand recognition off packaging
  5. Coverage in TechCrunch, Forbes, Business Insider, Evening Standard, BBC News and key trade publications

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