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KC Tech focuses hardware and AI development in radar-based traffic monitoring sensors which ‘visualise’ instant traffic conditions including vehicles and pedestrians flow without cameras. Our embedded AI engine captures motion data, count and transmits results instantly via low latency high speed 5G connection in order for specialists to improve traffic congestion problems effectively.

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Traffic congestion is one of the global urban issues, improvements are hardly deployed since the collection of instant data, sensing device technology, size of data packets and transfer speed are the major barriers to conducting the next step of data analytics. There are a lot of smart traffic planning solutions in software based which claims to improve congestions, but most of them are without a realistic historical big data review since it is impossible to conduct data collection by using a lot of time and labors.


With the maturity of 5G deployment, high-speed data transfer and very low latency, our 60GHz radar sensors can instantly generate multiple traffic results. Both vehicle and pedestrian flow can be identified by our sensors. Adaptive traffic modeling can make effective improvements such as traffic lights management and alternative routings. Vertical expansion will be easy by installing our radar sensors with 5G connectivity among cities and countries.


1. Infineon Technologies strategic IoT radar device developer since 2017

2. Deployment of radar sensors among major property development companies and management offices in Hong Kong

3. Deployment of radar and other IoT sensors among government projects in Hong Kong

4. Public exposures including CES, RISE and IFA showcasing events during the past few years

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