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The West Midlands is no different to any other region of the UK with major pressures on health and care services but 5G could help transform the services we use, and the way we use them.

We’ve been working with health practitioners from our primary sponsor, University Hospitals Birmingham, Community and Mental Health Trusts, the Ambulance Service and GPs to identify high impact areas to test, prove and scale out the delivery of benefits.  These include:

  • real time video/mixed reality tools to connect patients to specialists
  • remote monitoring of patients’ vital signs
  • connected ambulances
  • wireless data collection to monitor implants (e.g. pacemakers)

By using real time data transfer, high quality images and shared reality tools 5G can help increase healthcare efficiency and deliver patient benefits by enabling access to expert care at the point of need for example, in the home or an ambulance without the need for transfer to hospital.   Whether used by a pharmacist, district nurse, paramedic or the patient themselves, we will be trialing a range of 5G solutions to tackle the major challenges facing our regions healthcare today.

Imagine what this might look like – we have…

WM5G demonstrated how a paramedic – or any remote clinician – can carry out an ultrasound scan on a patient in the ambulance and relay the information in real-time to a consultant miles away. Using mixed reality glasses and a haptic glove to create shared visual and sensory experience, the consultant can view and guide the examination, make an instant diagnosis of the condition and either advise the patient to seek non-emergency treatment or suggest they proceed rapidly to A&E.

To find out how to get involved please email us. 

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Health and Social Care News

European Hospital Journal

European Hospital Journal

On the back of the WM5G demonstration event at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) in June, where we showcased how 5G can transform healthcare and the emergency services, we have been interviewed by the European Health Journal. Read More >

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