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The West Midlands is no different to any other region of the UK with major pressures on health and care services. But imagine if service delivery could be transformed using 5G technology. 

5G enabled services can help increase healthcare efficiency and deliver patient benefits by enabling high-quality care to be accessed at the point of need.

By working with our primary sponsor, University Hospitals Birmingham, WM5G is identifying areas where we can have a real impact as well as test, prove and scale out the delivery of benefits. Initial findings indicate the benefits will be grouped into the following areas:

  • remote monitoring
  • “telehealth”
  • on-demand services and accelerated workflow
  • supported diagnostics
  • digitally enabled workforce

5G services unlock the potential for huge amounts of data to be transferred fast and reliably with much less latency (delay) than before. Appointments and patient assessments typically take place in static environments such as in GPs’ surgeries, clinics and hospitals. High-speed technology allows services to be delivered in mobile locations, so people can be treated in their homes or at the scene of medical emergencies.

Imagine what this might look like – we have…

WM5G demonstrated how a paramedic – or any remote clinician – can carry out an ultrasound scan on a patient and relay the information in real-time to a consultant based miles away. The hospital medic is able to offer diagnostic support and guidance on urgent actions. With the paramedic wearing a haptic glove, the consultant can view and guide the examination, make an instant diagnosis of the condition and either advise the patient to seek non-emergency treatment or suggest they proceed rapidly to A&E.

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