The Worcestershire 5G consortium has published its end of project report showcasing the findings from their project that ended in Spring 2020 and identifying the opportunities of 5G for businesses.

Worcestershire was one of six Government backed testbeds in 2018 to explore 5G technology. The testbed focused within manufacturing businesses to see how 5G could help enable the usage of smart factories, augmented reality and secure by design principles across both applications and network build and operation.

The research led to Worcestershire hosting the UK’s first 5G factory trials with local manufacturing giants, Worcester Bosch and Yamazaki Mazak.

Findings from the Worcestershire 5G project show that up to 2% efficiency gains can be possible through the adoption of 5G technology in manufacturing. These gains at the UK level would be equivalent to £2.6 billion.

The report findings are highlighted in a video review which has been produced to allow viewers to hear directly from the consortium team and partners on the applications 5G has for businesses and how this can benefit them.

Post project, recognising the benefits 5G can offer industry, Worcestershire are inviting businesses to express their interest in accessing the ‘Testbed as a Service’ environment to develop their products and services on a private 5G network.

The newly launched testbed will provide potential entry points and customer journeys for small, medium and large businesses as they are supported in various ways such as through on-site testing at Malvern Hills Science Park, access to technical and commercial expertise, or extending the network to new business sites.

Mark Stansfeld, Chair of Worcestershire 5G and Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership, said: “The results of our 5G research showcases how the technology can help businesses to improve their efficiency. Building on our successful research, I am excited to say we are now in a unique position which allows us to invite businesses to test 5G technology within their agenda.

“I look forward to seeing how local businesses can use this exciting technology to create new and innovative products and services.”

To find out more about the full project report, access the review video and express interest for using the Worcestershire 5G network, please contact the team today through the website. –