5G Transport Innovation Projects

West Midlands 5G Limited awarded a share of a £2.4 million investment pool to seven UK-based consortiums in September 2020 to deliver a series of 5G transport trials across the region, with a further six innovative and pioneering projects exploring the benefits and applications of 5G technology in the transport sector has now been awarded share of a £1.6 million investment fund. The projects are scheduled to run until the end of 2021, with many set to complete ahead of that deadline.

The trials – or innovation projects – will develop new products or services across the West Midlands that prove a use case that will improve road and rail operational efficiency, provide better-connected transport, or improve passenger experience.

Check out all of our 14 5G Transport Innovation Projects below:

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Capacity Manager

Over 80% of passenger journeys in the UK are on the roads and traffic volumes are still rising. However, there is currently a lack of tools to help local authorities understand how much road capacity is lost to roadworks.

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As our cities continue to experience rapid urbanisation and population growth, there is greater pressure than ever before on our urban environments. However, by using 5G technology it is possible to create a safer and more sustainable city. 

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Passenger Management

‘Passenger Management’ by Wordnerds and GoMedia aims to solve some of the problems seen on public transport. By using integrated 5G routers, passengers can feed concerns or issues directly to Transport for West Midlands and the service operators. 

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There are three important questions that every motorist has to ask as they plan a journey: Where do I park? Is there a space? How do I pay? 

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Transport Accessibility

Over 40% of the visually impaired in the UK are unable to make all or some of their journeys on public transport independently, which represents a substantial 2 million people. 

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To improve access to information and build passenger confidence in large stations, 5GER is developing the UK’s first 5G-enabled smart train station robot.

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A vital part in growing passenger confidence in public transport post-Covid is managing passenger numbers, at stations and onboard transport. The Occupancy project will harness the power of 5G and video data learning to improve the occupancy of buses and reduce overcrowding.

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The new Very Light Rail (VLR) vehicles offer great potential to increase mobility across cities through lightweight, energy efficient rail travel.

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Navigation around train and bus stations, and other high-density places such as shopping centres, can be particularly difficult for vulnerable passengers or those requiring extra assistance.

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To identify wear and developing faults to tram tracks, engineers would manually survey or deploy specialist machinery to scan the line, a process which is both time consuming and laborious.

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Overhead line (pantograph) damage costs the UK rail industry more than £100 million a year and causes delays and safety issues.

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