You. Smart. Thing., Landmrk, Imagemakers, and Oodl

Urban Tourism 5.0 is using 5G technologies to deliver a next generation ‘Travel Assistant’ service. It will help the recovery of the leisure and live events sector, incentivising advance journey planning by providing creative and engaging rich media navigation to and from venues and events as they come back on stream.

Using 5G-enabled sensors at stations and major venues combined with booking and travel information, will create forecast and real-time traveller demand insights for rail and road transport network operators. ‘Last mile’ routes to destinations and investigations into how to influence travellers will be explored, in order to improve the overall visitor experience for event attendees.

The project timescale is 18 months starting in September 2020 and going until February 2022. The focus and test bed of the project is Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 events that start in April and run in to 2022.

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