Frequently Asked Questions

5G Enabled Road and Rail Transport Trials FAQ

WM5G – 5G Enabled Road and Rail Transport Trials

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are based on feedback from the launch events and questions we have been asked since launch. The FAQ will be updated as new questions are asked.

Will COVID-19 impact the competition?

The competition closure date is still planned for 15th May at 12:00 midday, with projects grant award date of 1st July. We will be monitoring the health advice issued and we will listen to advice from companies on their ability to develop proposals and start projects in the current climate. Please assume we will be holding the timing as published. The Innovate UK and WM5G websites will provide notification of any changes.

If I have questions on the competition who do I ask?

If your question relates to the competition entry, rules and support please contact Innovate UK in the first instance. The contact details are on the Innovate UK website (innovation funding service) under the competition description “5G enabled road and rail transport trials in the West Midlands”.

How do we engage with WM5G or TfWM to clarify specifics on the West Midlands testbed or transport infra structure or data availability?

There are 3 dates set aside for consultation with consortiums to discuss project specifics. These are 30th March, 21st April and 7th May. Please book a timeslot through the WM5G website. Any questions which will help all participants, will be anonymised and published within this document.

Please can you direct me to contacts in the local transport authorities who can help advise with details of my project?

Please use the consultation sessions to speak to TfWM in the first instance. They will facilitate direct discussions with Local Authorities where appropriate.

During the projects assessment process, will all the questions be equally weighted?

Yes, the questions in the submission document will all have the same score. Please note some of the questions have detail evidencing differences from other Innovate UK competitions questions. It is important to note these changes as the scores will be looking for responses and clear articulation referenced to this detail criteria.

Mobile Network Operators, do they need to be included in our project?

Mobile network operators should be consulted as part of your project preparation. 5G is in the process of being rolled out in the West Midlands and is not available everywhere yet. We want to make sure that you have the support you require to deliver the project from start to finish. We also want you to take measurements of the performance of the 5G available through the trialling and testing phase of your project. Please provide evidence of whether MNO or private network operator support is required by detailing the comms and data provision requirements for your project. If support is required you will need to include an MNO or private network provider as a partner in your project.

High Risk Vendors for 5G, is there a policy we need to be aware of and rules we need to work within?

The department of Digital, Culture , Media and Sports (DCMS) or the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) will provide guidance on this issue. The latest policy is located  If policies are updated they will be available on either the DCMS or NCSC websites. You need to check this regularly please. The grant award will include restrictions on high risk vendors to reflect government policy and guidance at the time of award.

Can you please clarify the details for the projects in the West Midlands related to Connected Vehicles already in progress?

As stated in the competition brief there are 2 main projects underway which are related to Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV). These are:

  • MFM Midlands Future Mobility ( is setting up a number of roads both rural and urban where state of the art and developing comms technologies and some “development vehicle” tracking is available. This project is being led by WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group).
  • CONVEX ( which is a data sharing platform which is looking at storing and access to multiple sources of data related to transport and the transport infra structure across the West Midlands network.

How do I find out what other 5G projects have been run so we can avoid duplication and make sure we are providing additionality to 5G use case development?

Please refer to the UK5G and KTN websites for a comprehensive list of projects. However, projects which are particularly relevant in content for this competition include:

  • 5G Smart Tourism
  • 5G Rural Integrated Testbed (5GRIT)

Please make sure you are fully aware of other 5G or CAV developments and reference these and how your project is adding capability as a product or is pushing 5G harder (using more of its capabilities) than any previous related project.

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