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Connectivity is way more than 5G

Connectivity is way more than 5G

Despite being the most connected region in the UK for 5G, the West Midlands still has mobile and broadband connectivity challenges. The digital divide is a real concern for a significant number of households and businesses and access to affordable social tariffs remains low. Being unable to access affordable connectivity affects everything from access to school work and on-line payment systems to people’s ability to up-skill and realise the economic, health and social benefits of the digital revolution.

WM5G takes the pain away; helping businesses, public bodies and health organisations realise amazing benefits from new technology.

At WM5G, we believe:

Connectivity is a basic human right, not a nice to have – people and businesses should not be disadvantaged become of a lack of access to, or poor connectivity

Hospitals can be great but there’s no place like home – digital solutions will address health inequality, offering a choice to the many, not the few

Digital technologies are a key enabler for business to survive and thrive – unlocking exceptional growth and efficiencies through up-skilling and adopting at pace

Our Services

Way more than 5G, we take the pain away, helping businesses, public bodies and health organisations realise amazing benefits from new technology and making our region healthier, greener and more prosperous.


We believe technology holds the key to improving patient care. By empowering clinicians and patients with skills and access to connected technologies, we can diagnose, treat and prevent more diseases in the community.

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We believe every organisation can thrive in the digital age. Working in partnership with public and private sectors, we help you develop the skills you need to speed up and scale up your services, driving innovation and becoming more sustainable.


We believe connectivity should be built in by design, future proofing buildings and enabling councils, companies and communities to realise the incredible power of digital to change lives for the better.