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Acceleration & Adoption

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Acceleration & Adoption

Identifying the right digital innovations to unleash your full potential

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Acceleration & Adoption

Digital technologies are a key enabler for businesses to survive and thrive.

But the UK is heading towards a digital skills shortage. Employers increasingly need a digitally-literate workforce to help them unleash the potential offered by the digital revolution but there is limited awareness of digital careers and how to direct people into these fields.

We believe there is a different way.

We help individuals and organisations identify the right digital innovations to unleash their full potential. Investing in up-skilling and re-skilling the workforce will help us develop the workforce we need for the 21st century; super-charging our businesses and organisations to unlock the exponential growth and efficiencies promised by the digital revolution.

Working in partnership with a range of organisations, WM5G is committed to ensuring way more communities have the opportunity to do just that.

From delivering digital skills training to business mentoring, we have already helped over 700 businesses up-skill and drive innovation. But we won’t stop until we have helped even more businesses identify and develop the digital skills they need to realise this potential and become more sustainable through digital technologies.

We Offer :

Consultancy and support on digital strategy, transformation and implementation

Help for organisations exploring the digital technologies underpinning delivery model transformation

Specialist advice for organisations building in connectivity to power technology solutions

Facilitate workshops to explain what 5G is, its potential uses and resources available to support digital adoption

Support for SMEs looking to adopt 5G technology to deliver business benefits

Your Acceleration & Adoption team

Lesley Holt

Lesley Holt

Director, Acceleration & Adoption

Lesley believes technology is at the heart of all change across the UK’s business landscape and this trend will only accelerate over the coming years. That’s why she is committed to providing great support for businesses across the country, helping them facilitate that change in a meaningful way. Her vision is to inspire businesses to thrive, not just survive, in the digital age, shifting their perspective from focusing on the present to preparing for the future. This is where her understanding of change management comes into its own, helping businesses and individuals adopt technologies, acquire new skills and integrate systems as seamlessly as possible. Lesley is passionate about raising awareness of the exciting and varied roles available in the telecoms industry and, through UKTIN Talent, she hopes to show people that the industry is a vibrant, innovative and rewarding sector. While her loft is a dumping ground for old kit and technology, she continues to be impressed by digital innovations and the speed of change: be that the journey from the first mobile telephones to today’s all-singing, all-dancing smart phone models, to the use of digitalisation to do jobs in real time that previously took a couple of days. It’s a change that is driving the creation of a wealth of new roles that simply didn’t exist even a few years ago. Are you ready for a new role as a Reality Capture Expert?

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Claire McKee

Clare McKee

Innovation Partnership Manager

Clare believes that embracing digital tools can help businesses increase productivity and profit. She enjoys the fast-paced, dynamic nature of the telecoms industry, in particular the variety and challenge of making a lasting difference to businesses and the way we live. Passionate about dissipating the fear of new technology, she is committed to supporting businesses to step into the further and embrace change, using her strong track record in B2B sales and marketing to achieve this goal. Clare is excited about the future of technology and finds inspiration in the unpredictability of technological changes. If she could banish one piece of technology to Room 101, it would have to be the photocopier. A key landmark of many offices over the years, the digital revolution means it is falling out of favour – not that Clare will be sad to see the back of those infuriating paper jams!

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Kevin Hergerty

Kevin Hegerty

Technology Lead

Kevin’s expertise lies in the field of wireless digital communication including 4G/LTE and 5G/NR, IoT and Wi-Fi, both theory and practical application. Meticulous and detail-oriented, I bring innovative problem-solving approaches, strategic thinking, and process enhancement to the table. I excel in effective communication, fostering productive relationships, and seamlessly collaborating within teams to achieve desired outcomes. Kevin led the implementation of 5PRING, the UK’s inaugural commercial 5G application accelerator. This groundbreaking initiative, sponsored by Government and delivered in partnership with industry leaders, incorporated a private 5G network, and empowered over 500 Startups, SMEs, larger enterprises, and public sector institutions, enabling them to explore the transformative potential of advanced digital connectivity to address real world challenges.

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Jordan Williams UKTIN Project Manager

Jordan Williams

UKTIN Project Manager

Jordan is passionate about the potential of the telecoms/digital sector to drive significant societal change and foster innovation, particularly in essential areas such as healthcare, education, and transportation.

He is dedicated to leading projects aimed at advancing telecom innovation and bridging the digital divide, ensuring that all areas of society can access and benefit from technological advancements. Inspired by the limitless possibilities of innovation, Jordan is committed to improving systems and addressing real-world challenges.

Given the choice, Jordan would consign social media to Room 101 due to its negative impact on mental health particularly for gen z, and the gradual deterioration of genuine human interaction.

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