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Great connectivity is key to unleashing the potential offered by the digital revolution.

From accessing public services to boosting productivity and improving transport across our towns and cities, connectivity is a crucial part of modern life. All too often patchy internet signal, slow connections and lack of bandwidth stand in the way of realising these benefits though.

We believe there is a different way.

By supporting local authorities, mobile network operators and property owners to work together, and building on our experience navigating common barriers, we can speed up network roll out; supporting communities to access essential services, helping businesses boost productivity, and creating opportunity across our villages, towns and cities.

We have proven experience working with communities, local authorities, property owners and MNOs to boost connectivity and remove barriers to network roll out.

We Offer :

Bespoke training and support

Assist in concluding the valuation and negotiation process

Assessing quality of coverage and gaps for mobile and fibre. Provide case studies showcasing where this has been done before.

Site specific negotiations and guidance and legal support

Facilitating bespoke meetings with Operators, including mediation when required

Digital Infrastructure Strategies

Your Connectivity team

Chris Hudson

Connectivity Director

Chris believes greater connectivity holds the key to unlocking the potential for greater innovation, autonomy, opportunity, investment and growth across the region. Having begun his career in telecoms following the demise of MG Rover, his mission is to ensure mobile and fibre coverage is ubiquitous – wherever you are and whoever your service provider – creating the infrastructure we need to make the most of the opportunities arising from the digital revolution. He loves the fact that technology is now so embedded in everything we do that we often don’t realise it is there but, if he could put one item in Room 101, it would be social media which, he believes, is poorly impacting on people’s life and communication skills.

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Rhys Enfield

Director of Infrastructure Acceleration

Rhys believes that fixed and wireless technologies are vital for digital growth, as connecting people and things is the key to unlocking the full potential of AI, AR, and VR. With over two decades’ experience in the telecom industry, Rhys is passionate about using his expertise to deliver better mobile connectivity to the citizens and businesses of the West Midlands and beyond. His collaborative approach and excellent management skills allow him to tackle challenges with a positive spirit. Rhys is inspired by how technology can help people face various challenges, such as medical conditions. However, if he were to assign one thing to Room 101, it would be social media, as he believes that it has a negative impact on young people’s self-esteem. He believes that implementing more guidelines and controls in this area is essential.

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Judith Ferrarin

Head of Barrier Busting Connectivity

As an acquisition specialist in mobile telecommunications, Judith believes the speed and efficiency of technology can change the world for the better. Her work is central to speeding up the delivery of mobile connectivity across the region and beyond, working with Mobile Network Operators, local authorities and other organisations to remove barriers to faster connectivity. Having begun her career as an apprentice with BT, Judith brings her wealth of experience in the industry to bear to help customers navigate any challenges they face, and her work is pivotal to most mobile operator legal completions and town and country planning decisions across the West Midlands.

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Gary Blunt, Broadband Lead, WM5G

Gary Blunt

Broadband Lead

Gary believes technology can make a real impact improving people’s lives and is passionate about removing the barriers that slowdown network roll out. Having begun his career installing cable TV and telephones, he has over 30 years’ experience in telecoms – including work for central government – and is enthusiastic about the benefits the industry has to offer society. He particularly enjoys working with councils and elected members to inform residents about the benefits of full fibre broadband, and building relationships with a variety of trade and industry professionals to build reliable networks. A technology enthusiast, Gary thrives on the ever-changing nature of the telecoms industry and enjoys keeping up with latest developments and applying his experience to make a positive difference to people’s lives. When he started out in the industry, he could not have envisaged how reliant many jobs would become on connectivity but now believes this will only increase further as ‘connected devices’ take on more and more roles. He is currently working hard to get the whole West Midlands region fully connected to full-fibre broadband and would like to see greater choice, value and quality for residents.

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We believe technology holds the key to improving patient care. By empowering clinicians and patients with skills and access to connected technologies, we can diagnose, treat and prevent more diseases in the community.


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