The 2nd Annual 5G Week of activities is designed to push forward the 5G ecosystem with workshops and panels all around 5G technology.

WM5G will be joining 5G week, where industry verticals, operators and vendors will come together to listen and learn about how 5G deployments are being rolled out and critically the enterprise case studies that are live.

5G continues to look for demand requirements, putting infrastructure into places that can deliver a return like airports, industrial sites, ports and many more. 5G can offer massive productivity gains, new business generation and innovation.

5G Week will continue to have a strong UK focus, with some international case studies and components.

Taking part from Tuesday 1st June to Friday 4th June there will be a variety of panels, workshops and discussions around the deployment of 5G in the UK, including a talk on “How to Develop Successful Transport Products (What and How Have Transport Products Been Developed In The W Midlands)” delivered by the WM5G team.

Find out more and register for the event here.