Join O2, Deloitte, Digital Catapult, Wayra and West Midlands 5G for a three-day 5prinG Engage event series. 5prinG Engage will take you through the fundamentals of 5G for transport and mobility with expert panellists, followed by case study workshops and AMA (ask me anything) sessions. The events are designed to help organisations through the process of spotting 5G enabled opportunities.

24th September – The value of 5G for Transport

Event time – 16:00 – 18:00

This panel brings together top 5G experts in transport and mobility to discuss why 5G is the next big thing for the transport sector. The panel will explore UK’s position in finding value in 5G and what trials have been carried out. We will explore the learnings that have been achieved from trials as well as what needs to happen to enable an autonomous and connected future in transport. Looking at the global picture, speakers will also address where the UK sits in its approach to 5G and what the next steps need to be. Panellists will also address the value of 5G for businesses within transport and what they should be doing to be 5G ready and why.


  • Poppy Dowell – Wayra – Head of 5G Acceleration


  • Alistair McMahon – Commercial Director – O2
  • Chris Holmes – Programme Director, Mobility and Application Accelerator – West Midlands 5G
  • Nick Wright – Head of Manufacturing Industries – Digital Catapult
  • Peter Stoker – Chief Engineer, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles – Millbrook

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29th September – Engage Workshop – Discover how 5G can Revolutionise Transport

Keynote and event framing – 09:00 – 12:00

Breakout with Deloitte – 14:00 – 17:00

This workshop with O2, Deloitte, Digital Catapult, Wayra and WM5G will take you through the fundamentals of 5G, working through relevant case studies and guiding you through the process of spotting 5G enabled opportunities that are aligned to the needs of your organisation. This event is specifically focused on the transport sector and takes a deeper dive in exploring what 5G means to organisations in the sector.

In addition to this you will get a personalised 5G readiness report giving you insights and suggestions on your 5G readiness.

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1st October – Q&A – Ask me anything 5G

Event time: 16:00 – 18:00

We will be running Q&A- Ask Me Anything session with Poppy Dowell and a special guest for our attendees. This is a chance for attendees to address any of their 5G and transport related queries.

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