WM5G Application Accelerator project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Midlands Engine

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Businesses and citizens are becoming more aware of the potential capabilities of 5G technology. What we are all still finding out, however, is its impact when applied in a range of business settings, including the creative environment.

The creative industry is the backbone of the UK and the world’s communities and economies. In 2019 alone, creative industries contributed £115.9bn of value to the UK economy, according to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS).[1] That’s greater than the automotive, aerospace, life sciences and oil and gas industries combined.

Like all sectors in post-Covid recovery, it is under increased pressure to deliver the same outputs against rising expectations with smaller budgets, whilst developing sustainable ways of working and engaging a diverse range of audiences.

To respond and thrive under these pressures, creative businesses are eager to explore new and innovative methods to deliver content and experiences that best serve and entertain the 21st century audience.

So where does 5G come in?

Ultimately, 5G will be 100 times faster than 4G and can connect a much larger number of devices together.

5G’s promise of ultra-low latency, fast data speeds and the ability to simultaneously connect a million devices per km2 – opens new opportunities to optimise creative processes.

The opportunity is significant. Early test cases are already proving that 5G represents a step-change in connectivity – providing a unique combination of features that can answer almost any set of connectivity requirements.

5G also helps make things easier. Creatives can manage multiple connectivity technologies through one single 5G network. They have the possibility to run a private 5G network or have control of a dedicated ‘network slice’ from a mobile network provider. Both options put businesses in greater control of their own connectivity, security, and quality of service.

More support is needed for businesses to unlock 5G technology capabilities and services and apply them in working environments. This falls under several strands, including investment, partnership, and knowledge to empower creatives on their journey to deliver more immersive, personalised, and accessible experiences via 5G technology.

5G Bootcamp

WM5G is hosting the 5G Bootcamp for innovators and SMEs in the creative industries, including gaming, live events, production, arts & theatre, sports, broadcasting, and tourism & heritage.

The unique two-day programme supports creatives, regardless of their level of technical expertise to help them learn more, see more, experience more and realise the art of the possible with 5G.

This includes immersive experiences, AR, VR, MR Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Big Data.

On day two of the event, attendees will be able to see 5G in action at the live immersive demonstration at the WM5G test bed at iCentrum, where Taran3D will be demonstrating their metaverse collaborative learning environment and their mobile augmented reality solutions.

The next generation technology makes it easier for people to work remotely and be connected to those around them. Without even considering the vast amounts of data that can be shared via 5G, the technology will allow faster and more agile working and experiences delivered in real-time to businesses and consumers alike.

To find out more and secure your place at this innovative event, please click here .

[1] Creative Industries Council 2021