With over 30 years’ experience working across the hospital and healthcare sectors, Keith believes that digitalisation has the power to drive positive change across the health and care industries.

He brings vast experience of both the healthcare and telecoms industries to our team and prides himself on understanding the unique challenges facing both public and private sector organisations when it comes to rolling out large-scale projects that can improve services for citizens.

An experienced non executive director and Board chair, he is passionate about blending the expertise of clinical, technology and management teams to deliver way more effective health care services for patients; working closely with primary care teams, Integrated Care Boards, acute and community trusts, technology providers, commercial organisations and start-up businesses to bring the benefits of health and care innovations to patients across the country.

If Keith could put one thing in Room 101, it would be lack of access to affordable connectivity for all citizens – an issue he believes holds the key to improving services and enabling our health and care systems to reap the benefits of the digital revolution.