Osnium (Fine Energy)

Don’t replace your industrial assets just because they are not connected to the internet. First give us an opportunity to retrofit our industrial-strength connectivity solution at a fraction of the cost by using low-cost 5G-enabled monitoring stations.

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Fine Energy had a fleet of wind turbines which were going to become obsolete unless a way could by found to monitor them, control them and run diagnostic tests on them remotely. This made us realise that there are lots of assets in other sectors such as water which will also need to be replaced at considerable expense if they cannot be put online.


So we came up with a retro-fit approach – introducing a small robust, versatile internet-connected computer into the control cabinet of each asset. Osmium doesn’t take over the installation, it sits alongside existing equipment, enhancing its capabilities and extending its life. We make this happen at a fraction of the cost of swapping-in an internet-enabled replacement control system.


  • Our first project – in the wind sector – has been revenue-earning since July 2019 and is getting favourable feedback from customers. It is now a stable and mature service. A key feature has been its robustness – in particular its ability to recover from power outages.
  • On the back of this success we are seeing interest from several water companies with interests ranging from flood prevention to clean water quality monitoring.
  • We are working with a developer of energy-positive housing, helping them to monitor the status of electrical appliances in their housing stock
  • We are demonstrating our capability to harness the benefits that will be offered by 5G when it is rolled out -principally reduced latency and support for a high spatial density of devices – by participating in this programme for early adopters of 5G technologies.

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