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Make your passion for innovation a reality by becoming an ambassador for the West Midlands by exploring how 5G is set to revolutionise our lives.

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  • Do you want to explore 5G and how it is changing the way we use devices, connectivity and data?  By opening up a world of exciting possibilities across business, transport, healthcare and manufacturing, to name a few, 5G will impact our day to day lives.
  • Are you passionate about digital technology and its potential to change how we work, live and play?
  • Are you interested in bringing your ideas and interests to life and utilising cutting-edge technology to improve the lives of our communities?
  • Do you want access to a brand-new opportunity for young people in the region?

Apply today to join West Midlands 5G on their 5G in 5 Days programme & keep up to date with the programme on Instagram.

What is 5G in 5 Days?

5G in 5 Days is an exciting opportunity to work with industry experts, gain invaluable experience, increase your skills and knowledge, and raise your profile in the region.

We are providing an opportunity for up to six young people aged 18-24 to discover how 5G technology works, the benefits it brings and explore the real world improvements it can make to our lives.

If successful you will feature in and help to create a social media series to educate the wider community on 5G technology and its potential. Your participation will be filmed and you will create video diaries that will help the public learn about 5G as you do.

You will attend the opening and have exclusive access to the brand new 5PRING innovation centres. You will meet leading industry experts and learn about the key sectors we are working with such as transport, manufacturing, health & social care; areas where the West Midlands has key strengths and where 5G can make a difference in transforming productivity.

What will you be doing on 5G in 5 Days?

Your task will be to bring your own personal interests and ideas as you learn about 5G, identifying ways you think this cutting-edge technology can improve our lives. On the last day of your 5G in 5 Days experience you will present your findings to industry experts and could see them realised in the accelerator pathway and receive a special prize for innovative ideas.

The Programme is split into three parts:

  • Awareness – Building on your current knowledge and advent of 5G in the West Midlands and its current practical applications. This will include an induction into the project and WM5Gs Vision and Mission for the Region.
  • Recognising Challenges – Identifying issues and problems that 5G can resolve from our key workstreams and visit real-world 5G trials in the West Midlands.
  • Exploring Future Solutions – Understanding and demonstrating our learnings of the long-term possibilities, innovations & benefits that 5G and your solution will bring to the region.

We will provide you with key insights into WM5G and 5PRING including a day out with 5G where you will have the opportunity to visit multiple 5G enabled locations from across the region to see how 5G is being applied to deliver better productivity and benefits for business and you.

Having access to the UK’s first 5G Innovation Centre in Birmingham, where you will have the opportunity to build on your knowledge of 5G and come up with a solution to your real-life challenge. With access to the latest in 5G kit, high speed networks, industry leading experts and also your own 5G phone to capture and record your story for the duration of the project.

Entry Requirements

In order to apply to participate in 5G in 5 Days you MUST:

  • Be aged 18 – 24
  • Make yourself available for events taking place in April 2021 (approximately 10 days, dates will be confirmed during the process). Dates could be subject to change around the Easter holidays
  • Be active on social media and confident creating your own content such as photos, videos and BLOGs (some training and guidance will be provided by our media partners).
  • Have a basic awareness of 5G technology and be passionate about learning more to share with others.
  • Be comfortable being filmed throughout the process and have your journey and the final product appear on social media (in video, photo and text form).
  • Be willing to travel within the West Midlands to attend different sites (the costs of which will be provided).

Please also note:

Though the content created during this event will be used to promote the benefits and opportunities 5G offers, no acting experience is required and you will only be asked to express views that are your own. This process is about showing you a truly exciting technology, so there’s no need for us to pretend.

Once you have submitted your application form we will review it and then invite suitable candidates to attend an interview (in person or by video call depending upon your needs).

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